Louis Leterrier Ponders What Earth Would Be Like Without GRAVITY

     June 16, 2010


Louis Leterrier spawned a franchise with Clash of the Titans, but since he passed the sequel gig on to other hopeful directors, the Frenchman is searching for his next project.  Leterrier may have found it in the high-concept disaster film Gravity (not to be confused with the Alfonso Cuarón/Robert Downey Jr collaboration).  The pitch for Universal’s Gravity is “The Day After Tomorrow meets Taken“— hit the jump for details.

According to Pajiba, the story revolves around “a father who has to search for his lost child as the world stops spinning and Earth begins to lose its gravity.”  That sounds kinda cool.  Crazy, sure, but cool.  The success of the film probably relies on how silly the “air swimming” effect looks, but there have to be some great visuals inherent in 6.7 billion people floating through the sky.

Leterrier’s name has been attached to the adaptation of acclaimed comic Y: The Last Man, though it looks like there’s a lot of road to pave before it will hit the screen.  Save for maybe Unleashed, Leterrier to has a resume filled with relatively financially successful action films with the first two Transporter films, The Incredible Hulk, and Clash.  Marvel overlooked the Hulk director for The Avengers, instead handing the reins to Joss Whedon. Still, I’m guessing it won’t be too long before a studio trusts the director with another considerable budget.

Gravity is currently housed by Mark Gordon Productions, with George Nolfi attached to produce.  Nolfi has the promising The Adjustment Bureau, a sci-fi conspiracy thriller starring Matt Damon, coming up in September.

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