Louis Leterrier says fans can expect 70 MINUTES of Additional Footage on the INCREDIBLE HULK Blu-ray DVD!

     June 10, 2008

Yesterday afternoon, I was able to participate in a very small roundtable interview with Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier. The reason I was able to get some time with Louis was…Universal was holding an international press day for the film. And even though Collider wasn’t invited as we’re a domestic outlet…Omelete, our partners from Brazil, were.

As most of you know, Collider and Omelete are partners. When we post clips or exclusives they also post it. When they get stuff…we use it. They’re in Portuguese and we’re in English. As I’ve said many times…it’s a perfect marriage. Also, since they’re based in San Paolo, when they get invited to do stuff here in Los Angeles…they send me.

Okay…let’s get to why we’re here. Since you can’t read Portuguese…what’s below is what I wrote for Omelete…they posted in their native language here…I’m posting in English…

During my roundtable conversation, Louis dropped a bombshell of awesomeness. Yeah, I used awesomeness. He said that the upcoming Blu-ray of the Incredible Hulk would have 70 minutes of additional footage! Yes…70!

Of course he said the footage was cut for a reason…but for fans of the film and Marvel movies, knowing you’re going to get so much additional footage is just something really cool to look forward to. I then asked him if the normal DVD would have it and he wasn’t sure as Blu-ray’s hold a lot more data. But I’d imagine Hulk will be a special 2 disc edition DVD and if that’s the case, the normal DVD would probably have it as well.

The other bit of news is… I pressed him on the Captain America cameo that he talked about last week. He again reiterated that Captain America is in the movie, but he would not drop where he’s in it. Obviously as more people see the movie, someone will notice him in the background somewhere and word will leak out. Finally, we talked about “the fighting” that went on behind closed doors and how that info got out, and I asked him if fans could expect to see some of the deleted scenes at Comic-Con this summer.

If you’re a fan of Marvel’s movies and have been awaiting Hulk…you’ll love what’s posted below. And in the next day or so we’ll be posting the entire interview…but until then here’s the juicy comments.

Question: You recently did an interview where you said that in “Iron Man” there is a Captain America shield, but in our movie we have Captain America.

Louis Leterrier: Wait, that’s crazy. Did I say that?

Question: You did say that. You did say that and so there’s been a lot of…I’ve looked online. Many people are talking about this.

Louis Leterrier: I knew…I threw one like this I was like let’s see how many pick it up.

Question: So is Captain America in the movie as an Easter Egg?

Louis Leterrier: Yes.

Question: Could you be a little more specific?

Louis Leterrier: No, I can’t. Otherwise it’s not fun. Are you crazy? It’s an Easter egg.

Question: But is it like a throwaway gag like a…or is a real kind of a thing?

Louis Leterrier: It’s an Easter egg. It’s not like oh, it’s Captain America and it changes everything. It’s still a Hulk movie, but it’s really Captain America and it’s there, you’ll see. It’s the real deal. You have to look for it.

Question: When did you shoot the “Iron Man” sequence…the Robert Downey, Jr. sequence?

Louis Leterrier: It was the last thing we shot. It was…

Question: Was it always going to be in the movie?

Louis Leterrier: No, I begged Kevin Fiege, the President of Marvel when I knew that Robert got cast, I was like we have to do crossovers. Crossovers—it’s the future of movie making. Now that you have this, I was the one to beg them to do crossovers and then they said Robert is going to be tough to convince, you know, and all that stuff and everything. So eventually I got to talk to Robert and we liked each other and he said, “okay I’ll come for a…I’ve got 5 hours that day.” Let’s shoot in L.A. We were on the way back from Brazil about to go to the North Pole to shoot the opening sequence, with one day in L.A. actually. Iron Man was doing lots of reshooting. They reshot like 2 weeks or something and they had like ½ a day where they could give us ½ a day, so I just directed Iron Man crew for one day. I brought William Hurt that day and that was it. It was great. It was fantastic.

Question: I have to ask you…there’s been a lot of talk about the 2 different cuts that exist on the movie. Obviously the DVD is going to have more footage.

Louis Leterrier: Yeah.

Question: So, could you talk about what was cut out of the film, like is there 15 minutes?

Louis Leterrier: No, the final way of me cutting this…maybe there’s like 10-15 minutes of stuff, but there’s a lot of stuff like on the Blue-ray I think we’ll have 70 minutes of stuff.

Question: Seventeen or…

Louis Leterrier: Seventy. 7-0.

Question: 70!

Louis Leterrier: Yeah, because you shoot a lot of stuff, yeah. What’s another picture? Yeah, but that’s what great. It’s like the back story. It’s more the sequel to the Ang Lee movie.

Question: I have to ask you…so the Blue-ray…the DVD just has a little bit…

Louis Leterrier: No the Blue-ray…it’s whatever we can put on the DVD. Like DVD’s you have like 3 hours of like yeah…you have a limit of 3 hours of footage and stuff. The Blue-ray you have something like 100 hours, so if they do a double DVD but like the Blue-Ray is what’s going to be good. So on the Blue-ray I’m trying to put as much of the stuff…I want to put everything we shot, you know? I’m not the kind of guy that likes to keep the stuff for myself. I’m like, okay you student filmmakers, here’s what I did right and here’s what I did wrong and in some of the stuff, in the 70 minutes, there’s some great stuff and there’s some really horrible stuff, but you’ll see it all, you know?

Question: What about the behind-the-scenes material?

Louis Leterrier: Oh there’s like tons of stuff like great stuff. That’s actually much longer. We’ve got like 3 hours of material—how we made the “Hulk” and everything. That’s great stuff.

Question: Getting into the 70, is it all character stuff? Is it certain…

Louis Leterrier: Oh, there’s action stuff. There’s everything. We cut everything. We give you the nice haircut like yours.

Question: Yeah, exactly. But I have to do the follow-up. Obviously Edward has been…well was vocal a little while ago about wanting to want a more character…there was a lot of debate online…

Louis Leterrier: No, I know what you…

Question: And so what was he looking for vs. what was put out?

Louis Leterrier: I think he was looking for…I think what happened….no. I’ll tell you what happened exactly because I knew the timing exactly. You know when you do your first movie, you do an assembly. Everything that you’ve shot you put it into an assembly. Then after the assembly, you screen it. And it’s called a suicide run because it’s absolutely horrible. You want to commit suicide after you see it. You’re like, “oh I wasted 2 years of my life, $150 million. This is the worst movie ever. I’m like a terrible director. You cannot act. You’re a terrible producer.” So after this we had a meeting—just like this—like a round table where I go okay we have to find solutions. And then we were screaming stuff and everything. Maybe somebody walked in, a PA or somebody walked in, somebody who’s not used to it and we’re having a conversation and Edward was like…no, Edward’s very vocal. He won’t say….he’s like “come on man” and he’s not arguing. That’s how Edward is. I’m sure you guys have met him, you know, he’ll be like (making sounds) and the guy walks in and he’s like okay, Edward Norton is arguing about the cut and everything. And he walks out and (sounds of typewriter) they’re arguing. The next day when the Nikki Finke…Nicky Fink or whatever her name is…article came out, Edward was right next to me. He’s like “you want to laugh?” I’m like, “Yeah, what’s up?” “Read this”. “Oh, shit, you know. But I thought it would blow over. I was like…yeah okay. It’s like the same thing you see Britney Spears and everything. I was okay, funny. It’s like TMZ.com. I didn’t care. I was like okay, cool. And then we kept on cutting and cutting and it became bigger and bigger and people were calling me and then Universal were calling “everything’s okay and everything?” and I was like “Edward’s right here next to me. Talk to Edward.” “Hey man, we’re cool. It’s me it was just a little argument”. Then Edward…because he finished…he was an actor. He had written a couple of versions of the screenplay and then he moved on. He did his thing. It just blew over. Everybody was really surprised and Edward was like, “yeah it must have been a slow week in Hollywood if I’m like the you know if I become the Britney Spears of Hollywood.” So it’s just…

Question: So that was it?

Louis Leterrier: That was it. That was it. We had to kill babies. We killed some of my babies, some of his babies. Like in the 70 minutes in you’ll see a scene that was actually in the trailer where you see the Ty Burrell character having a nice introspective talk with Edward. But you saw the movie guys. You know, it’s the moment where he spends the night with Betty and then she has a boyfriend and then they talked together and then it’s everything you know. It’s like…it was a long scene to give us an excuse to get that cool punch line that was given in the trailer like you know, you’ve never seen something…you know maybe you should see a shrink and he says no, you’ve haven’t seen a patient like me or something like that. Just for one punch line—a long scene like that. I go, okay maybe we don’t need that. And it just started moving forward. The problem with that suicide run—that suicide cut—was that it was a lot of stops and go and stops and go and stops and go and just the way I describe it to you, you know. The Arctic scene—stop. The credit sequence—go. Brazil—stop. Transformation—go and stop. It didn’t feel like a good fugitive movie like the “Bourne Supremacy”, like “The Fugitive” with Harrison Ford. These movies keep on going. They never stop, you know and we had to find something that is and it takes time to do that, you know and next time I’ll know. When I do the first screening first of all, don’t do your meeting right after it because everybody’s like ahh, I fucking hate you, you know? Do it a couple of days after and then do it behind closed door because no one can understand that. It’s really tough. You become really emotional. It’s 2 years of your life. It’s your own thing. It’s like…keep it for yourself.

Question: I have to do one quick follow-up. Comic-Con’s coming up in July, obviously you might go down there for “Hulk”, do you think…

Louis Leterrier: I don’t know.

Question: …well, maybe. Do you think there’s any chance of you showing some of those deleted scenes you talked about the 70 minutes at Comic-Con for the fans?

Louis Leterrier: Guys, do not do this–and action.

Question: No, but I’m being serious. That might a really nice treat for the fans.

Louis Leterrier: That would be nice, yeah. We’ll see. It’s just I tell you; it’s not that interesting. I mean, it’s interesting….only the good stuff is in the movie. We just took out the bad stuff that’s why. We didn’t take out any of the good stuff otherwise it would be a shame. No, really I swear.

Question: Anything about a sequel yet?

Louis Leterrier: Sequel? Maybe. Maybe. We’ll know on Saturday.

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