Limited Paper: Ltd. Art Gallery Set to Open POP 2! THE ART OF POP CULTURE RETURNS This Thursday; Check Out Exclusive New Images Here

     November 5, 2012


Ltd. Art Gallery popped up in our inbox a week or two ago to share an exciting bit of news:  the Gallery was coming up on the its first-ever anniversary, and to celebrate the occasion they were revisiting the pop-culture theme that kicked off their first gallery show all the way back in 2011.  The 2012 model was being called Pop 2! The Art of Pop Culture Returns, and—from what the Ltd. Art Gallery folks have told us about this show—it’s gonna be a helluva party.

Wanna find out what’s happening at Ltd. Art Gallery’s Thursday opening of Pop 2! The Art of Pop Culture Returns?  Wanna find out which artists have new artwork dropping at the show?  Wanna see a few of those prints, including one we’re convinced is one of the year’s absolute best?  Meet me after the jump for all of that and more, folks.

If you’ve been reading Limited Paper for anything longer than a few weeks, then you know we’re big supporters of the work being done by the guys at Ltd. Art Gallery up in Seattle, WA.  Over the past however-many-months, the Ltd Art guys have dropped some of Poster World’s coolest prints, and—without fail—they have always been a pleasure to work with.  And so, when the following press release popped up in our inbox a week or two ago, we were pretty excited to see what their latest gallery show was going to look like:

One year ago we opened our doors to the great city of Seattle with our very fist show POP!: The Art of Pop Culture. To celebrate this momentous we bring to you POP! 2, the second installment of this art show were we let the artists pick their favorite Pop Culture Icon to immortalize in art! Over 50 artists will be on display including select pieces from Disney Underground and Star Wars, creating a unique showcase of geek, nerd, and pop art!

Featuring Dane Ault, Crystal Barbre, Jonathan Bergeron, Barry Blankenship, Peter Breese, Mike Capp, Mona Collentine, Jaymee Donelson, Craig Drake, Joshua Ellingson, Carl Faulkner, Levi Hastings, Blain Hefner, Suzanne Kaufman, Andrew Kolb, Scott Listfield, Timo Meyer, Mikeatron!, Peter Moehrle, David Moscati, Augie Pagan, Devi Pellerin, Raphael Phillips, Danni Shinya Luo, Clarke Snyder, Todd Spence, Meghan Stratman, Mark Thompson, Mark Walker, Jayson Weidel, Andrew Wilson, Wednesday Wolf, Bruce Yan, and select pieces from Disney Underground, Star Wars Fine Art, Family Guy, and The Simpsons, the opening reception will be Thursday, November 8th at 6pm.

Since it’s our birthday, we are throwing a fantastic opening night party, featuring a live set from DJ Hojo;  complimentary refreshments from Georgetown Brewery; cake (both regular and vegan), balloons and Party Favors; and an on-site food truck.  We will also have some art giveaways, door prizes, and a raffle to support The ProEquality Project!

Sounds pretty serious, doesn’t it?  We read this over and thought, “Yeesh, the Ltd Art guys aren’t effing around with this show”.  Then, a few days later, Ltd Art Gallery sent over some preview images from the show…and as you’ll see below, they have truly outdone themselves this time:  they’ve got reasonably-priced originals, some really unique screenprints (from artists you might—as of now—be unfamiliar with), and—in one particular poster—one of the best screenprints we’ve seen released in 2012.  Let’s take a look at Ltd Art’s soon-to-be-released wares:

  • Fifty Bond by David Moscati
  • 14×24” screenprint
  • 2-color, metallic-gold inks
  • $40 regular edition of 50


  • I Heart Gotham by Bruce Yan
  • 18×24” screenprint
  • Features metallic silver inks
  • $45 regular edition of 40


  • Fish Fingers and Custard by Barry Blankenship
  • 12.5×19”
  • 3-color screenprint with metallic-blue ink
  • $45 limited edition of just 11 (!!!)


  • Bump Back by Dane Ault
  • 16×20” giclee
  • $40 limited edition of 20


  • XOXO, MJ by Andrew Kolb
  • 11×17” giclee
  • $60 limited edition of 25


  • XOXO, Gwen by Andrew Kolb
  • 11×17” giclee
  • $60 limited edition of 25


  • Barbarella, Psychedella by Clarke Snyder
  • 11×14” giclee
  • $50 regular edition (edition size currently unknown)


  • Dolly Strikes Back by Levi Hastings
  • 11×14” Giclee
  • $40 limited edition of 20
  • $300 original edition also available: Ink and Watercolor


  • Dead Man Walking by Jayson Weidel
  • gouache on cold press board
  • $500 original edition


  • I Think, Sebastian, Therefore I am by Meghan Stratman
  • 6×7” collage of cut paper
  • $300 original


Now, last—but far from least (in fact, this is the print Limited Paper’s been ranting and raving about for the last week or two, the one we’ve been declaring one of the year’s best:  we hope you agree)—is Craig Drake’s balls-out gorgeous print based on Tony Scott’s 1983 vampires-and-lesbians-and-David-Bowie classic, The Hunger.  Let’s look at the specs, then we’ll tell ya a few more things you need to know about this piece below:

  • The Hunger by Craig Drake
  • 20×30” screenprint
  • $50 variant edition (with metallic-red ink) of only 33
  • $50 regular edition of 50
  • $1100 original edition also available
  • see below for on-sale details, more info regarding the print itself


To borrow one of Indiana Jones’ favorite phrases:  “It belongs in a museum!”  (but the wall in my stairwell will have to do in the meantime).  If you’re a fan of The Hunger, Craig Drake, or David Bowie, I imagine that—if this is the first time you’re seeing this print—that you’re reacting much in the same way that I did upon first laying eyes on it:  squealing like Ned Beatty on an unexpectedly invasive camping trip while clapping your hands together as though it was snack time on the short-bus.  When Ltd Art Gallery first sent me this image a week-and-a-half ago, I immediately dropped ‘em a line and went on and on (and on) about how great this piece was…but as it turns out, I only knew part of the story.

During that chat, Ltd Art agreed that this particular piece was something special, and as such they’ve gone the extra mile during the poster’s printing process to make it an even cooler collector’s item than it already is.  For instance:  the print’s being produced in a very, very limited quality (the print’s total run of 83 copies is a nod to the year The Hunger was released:  awesome ), and the Ltd Art guys are going to be working their asses off up until the moment the print goes on sale (this Thursday at noon, PST, via the Ltd Art website in order to offer us two versions of Drake’s latest homerun:  a variant edition (with metallic-red ink where the blood appears; limited to 33 copies) and a regular edition (as it appears above, no metallic; limited to 50 copies).  On top of all that, they’re giving buyers the option at the same price:  whether you pick the regular or the variant—and you’ll be prompted to do so at checkout—you’ll drop $50 to pick up a copy of this one (for the record, Ltd Art Gallery plans on shipping these out in mid-November or thereabouts, so expect to wait just a wee bit longer than usual for your copies to arrive after you’ve triumphantly scored them).

Since Limited Paper kicked off earlier this year, we’ve run a number of announcements about Ltd Art’s various releases and drops, but I think many will agree that this is probably the best thing they’ve ever released.  Combined with the extremely limited number of these that are being produced and the fact that Drake’s coming off the one-two punch of a successful (almost) solo show at the Mondo Gallery and one of the best prints (The Bride of Frankenstein, see below) from Mondo’s Universal Monsters show, everyone involved is expecting these to sell out very quickly.  As such, we strongly recommend that you clear your schedule for 12pm, PST, this Thursday if you’re interested in picking one of these up.


Here’s another tip:  we’ve been talking up our next big giveaway for the past week or two, instructing everyone to get ready to turn in their own Limited Paper logo-designs for a chance to win…whatever it is that we’re giving away next, whenever that might be.  I can now tell you that our next giveaway will be announced on the very same day that Ltd Art drops these Hunger prints…which oughtta serve as a big, fat clue as to what our next giveaway grand-prize is going to be.  You’ll have to tune back into Limited Paper on Thursday to find out for sure, but if you’re as anxious to get your hands on Drake’s Hunger print as I am, I’d start putting your homemade Limited Paper logos (see examples below) together now.


Alright, folks, that about does it for now.  If you’re going to be in the Seattle area this Thursday, we strongly suggest that you drop by Ltd Art Gallery and check out Pop 2! The Art of Pop Culture Returns when it opens that evening:  as we mentioned before, the Gallery’s arranged to have a DJ spinning, free drinks on hand, cake, and all manner of other goodies on-hand for those that attend their first big anniversary bash…and all of that is in addition to some truly outstanding artwork.  Limited Paper won’t be able to attend, unfortunately, but we’ll have more coverage from Ltd Art Gallery’s show later in the week (and if you do attend and want to send in some photos to be featured here at Limited Paper, we’ll be happy to use ‘em!).

As always, if you’re an artist or gallery with artwork you’d like to see featured on Limited Paper (or if you’re just some lucky bastard who happened to overhear a bit of poster-related gossip while standing in the bushes outside Martin Ansin’s house) we wanna hear from you!  Email Limited Paper directly at, but the really important thing you need to remember is this:  you gotta be sure that you’re following us on Twitter (via @LimitedPaper) if we ever want to do that “1,000 Followers Giveaway” I’ve been promising for weeks.  While you’re waiting on another 400 people to join us, make yourself at home and wait for this week’s forthcoming commentary, news updates, giveaways, and more!

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