Limited Paper: Ltd Art Gallery’s MINT CONDITION 2 Online Sale Begins Tomorrow, So Let’s Do a Giveaway to Pass The Time

     March 2, 2013


In case you hadn’t heard, Seattle’s Ltd. Art Gallery kicked off Mint Condition 2 last night, dropping roughly 50 brand-new prints, OGs, sketches…hell, Ltd Art’s even had a stuffed Deadpool doll up in that bitch.  And from what we’ve heard, virtually everyone in attendance left satisfied (“virtually everyone” because—according to the coroner’s report–some doofus choked on a corn dog while sitting in his car waiting for the show to start).

But what about those of you who weren’t in Seattle last night?  When can you pick up new prints from guys like Bruce Yan, Sam “For Sho” Ho, Ian Glaubinger, and 100% Soft?  And—more importantly—is there a way to turn this writeup into a giveaway?  Answers we think you’re gonna like await you after the jump, folks.

It’s the weekend, so we’re going to keep this very short and sweet:  today’s Limited Paper is serving a dual purpose.  For one thing, we’re officially announcing that the online sales for Ltd. Art Gallery’s Mint Condition 2 will be kicking off tomorrow.  Where?  Over at this link.   When?  Head over to this other link and wait for the tweet.  Is that one piece you really wanted still available?  No, unfortunately.  Please pick something else different once Ltd Art has put the rest of the lineup online.


But, wait—there’s more!  The good folks at Ltd. Art Gallery have decided to lay claim to the first Limited Paper giveaway of March, 2013.  What’re they giving away?  One of these:

  • Spiderhands by Bruce Yan
  • 11×14”
  • $30 regular edition of 40 signed prints, but this being a giveaway you pay nothing


How do you snag one of only 40 Spiderhands prints absolutely free?  Shoot me an email to…oh, let’s use the old Struzan-giveaway email account for good luck, whatta ya say?  Hit me up via email at, and include the following information in your email:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Follow @LimitedPaper
  • Send Me a Tweet Telling Me Which Spiderman Movie You Like The Least

Got all that?  We’ll give everyone until Monday at midnight (that’s the night between Monday and Tuesday, for the record) to get entries in, and then I’ll have my lovely assistant work her magic on the random drawing.  Ltd. Art Gallery will be shipping the print directly to the winner, so make sure that your shipping address is correct!  And don’t forget:  while you’re waiting on the winner to be drawn, stop on by Ltd. Art Gallery tomorrow (once their Tweet goes out!) and check out what they’ve got left over from last night’s opening—lots of cool stuff in there.

And as always: if you’re an artist or gallery with artwork you’d like to see featured on Limited Paper (or if you’re just some lucky bastard who happened to overhear a bit of poster-related gossip while standing in the bushes outside Martin Ansin’s house) we wanna hear from you!  Email Limited Paper directly at, and be sure that you’re following us on Twitter via @LimitedPaper for ongoing commentary, news updates, giveaways, and more!


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