Exclusive: Luis Guzman Talks ARTHUR, BOOGIE NIGHTS, Paul Thomas Anderson, JOURNEY 2, More

     April 5, 2011


If you’re a film nerd, you know and love Luis Guzman.  That’s because since the 80’s, Guzman has been in countless roles, often going from small budget indies, to huge Hollywood blockbusters.  He’s also done a lot of TV.  Guzman is one of those actors that you might not know his name, but you definitely know his face.  I first noticed Guzman in Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterpiece, Boogie Nights.  He played the nightclub owner where Mark Wahlberg worked.  While I’m sure I must have seen him on a TV show or in a movie, it was after seeing Boogie Nights that I learned his name.  Since then, I’ve always enjoyed his work, but I’ve never seen him talk about how he got into acting, or how he got connected with Anderson.

So when I found out he was going to be at the Arthur junket (he plays Arthur’s driver/assistant), I put in a last minute request for an interview and Guzman was kind enough to give me some time.  We discussed how he got into acting, working on Arthur, the Robin costume, how he got connected with Anderson, what’s his criteria for choosing material, who does he play in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, and he tells me that he’s developing a comedy and drama with the goal of producing them himself.  Hit the jump to watch.

arthur-movie-poster-01Luis Guzman

  • :22 Which project led to where he is now, The Equalizer or Crocodile Dundee 2?
  • :48 How did he first get started in Hollywood? Started out as a social worker and auditioned on a whim for a project and ended up co-starring in the premiere of Miami Vice.
  • 2:01 Given the pedigree of talent that he’s worked with over the years, does he ever reflect back on his career and how fantastic it’s been?
  • 2:51 How he first got involved in the project. Read the script first and liked it, met with the director then he spoke with Russell over the phone, on skype, and eventually met him in person. Had instant chemistry.
  • 3:30 Talks about the improv in the film.
  • 4:09 His reaction when told he was wearing the Robin costume. Found out at the first fitting that he would be wearing a size small costume.
  • 5:17 Talks about filming on the streets of New York, with crowds of people watching. Says he blocks most of it out.
  • 6:17 When people approach him on the street, what’s the project people most want to talk about?
  • 7:02 How did he start working with Paul Thomas Anderson? Says he read the Boogie Nights screenplay and was blown away. Says Anderson has always been very passionate about his work and gets what he wants as a director.
  • 9:01 What’s the common thread through the great directors that he’s worked with that makes them an “elite” director.
  • 11:16 What’s his criteria for choosing material?
  • 12:52 Talks about Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. He plays a pilot in the action/adventure film shot in 3D.
  • 13:53 Will he appear in Paul Thomas Anderson’s next movie? Says he doesn’t know, it depends on what the project calls for.
  • 14:25 Guzman is developing a comedy and drama film of his own that he’s producing.

Luis Guzman

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