How ‘Luke Cage’ Highlights the Pros & Cons of Netflix’s Place in the Shared MCU

     October 7, 2016


Most would agree that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is an amazing accomplishment. Creating a universe that not only runs throughout 13 movies, but concurrently with a handful of television series (at present, with more coming down the pike), is staggering. With the Luke Cage series on Netflix dropping to resounding acclaim to start before fading as it progressed, we had to ask ourselves if all is truly well in the Mouse House’s superhero world when it comes to linking these stories together in a tidy package. Of all the television series currently on the airwaves, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., though not a Netflix production, is the one that most heavily relies on the events of the Marvel movies to juice their seasons up for viewers, presenting new avenues of storytelling with story elements like the “Sokovia Accords” from Captain America: Civil War being added into the mix. The Netflix series manage to exist as their own organisms, briefly mentioning what’s happened in the world of Captain America and crew, mostly using the Avengers’ first outing as their springboard. With this being said, is there room for improvement when it comes to tying everything together, should the shows function further away from the events of the films or should they be brought closer?