‘Luke Cage’ Season 2: Misty Knight Gets an Upgrade in a First-Look Image

     August 29, 2017


Spoilers ahead for anyone not caught up with Marvel’s The Defenders.

After being a badass on the inaugural run of Marvel’s Luke Cage and having just barely survived the recent events of Marvel’s The Defenders, Detective Misty Knight (played by Simone Missick) will definitely be returning for Season 2 of Luke Cage. But since she’s not exactly whole, she’ll be coming back with a bit of an upgrade.

In the Marvel comics, Knight was an NYPD ace whose right arm was injured in a bombing and had to be amputated. Luckily, Tony Stark was around to replace it with a bionic one that vastly improved her strength and complemented her combat skills and marksmanship. In The Defenders, Knight went up against the Hand’s Bakuto (Ramón Rodríguez) and pulled back a stump when he sliced off her arm. We saw her progress on the path toward recovery at the end of The Defenders, but a new image from Season 2 of Luke Cage suggests Knight will be whole once more when she returns.

Check out the new image below (via EW):


Image via Netflix

It remains to be seen where the bionic arm came from or what its abilities might be, but we’ll find out at some point in the Season 2 run of Luke Cage when it returns in 2018. Next up for Marvel’s Netflix TV series, however, is The Punisher.

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Image via Netflix