‘Luke Cage’ Villain Confirmed to Return in Season 2

     May 12, 2017


Mike Colter killed it–and continues to do so–as the title character of Marvel’s Luke Cage, embodying the comic book character in a way that made him a household name for a whole new generation of fans. He faced down a host of suited (and super-suited) villains in Season 1 of the Netflix show thanks to his impenetrable skin and superhuman strength. Cage will be bringing those skills to the team-up Marvel’s The Defenders later this summer, but he’ll then be returning to his own series for Season 2 … and he’ll be facing off against a familiar villain when he does.

In an interview with Parade (via CBM), Theo Rossi talked at length about his current and upcoming projects. You might remember Rossi from his days on Sons of Anarchy, but his more recent run was on Luke Cage as the puppetmaster behind the scenes known as Shades. It looks like Shades will be back to antagonize the title character when Luke Cage returns for its second season sometime next year.


Image via Netflix

When asked what was next for Rossi, he confirmed his return to the streets of Hell’s Kitchen for Luke Cage Season 2:

Luke Cage is going down, [we’re in] season two. We’re pretty excited, it’ll be nice to get back into the swing.

Here are his thoughts on being a part of the Marvel show and the current state of Peak TV:

Now that I’m on Netflix with Marvel, and to be on the number one show on Netflix in Luke Cage, it’s like cable television 2.0. I’ve been very lucky and very fortunate in my decisions and in the people who wanted me to be with them with things like Sons and Luke Cage.


Image via Marvel

Rossi also talks about returning to his hometown of New York City and what it means to him:

It’s amazing. I had just finished in L.A. [filming Sons of Anarchy]. I had bought my house and decided I was moving back in season five of Sons of Anarchy. I knew that I was coming home here because of what had happened with superstorm Sandy. I knew that I wanted to be based here. It just so happens within months of me being here that Luke Cage came up. I honestly couldn’t ask to be in a better situation with the caliber of people I’m around. Walking on the streets that I skateboarded in and ran around doing graffiti in, it’s a pretty incredible feeling. There’s a memory on every street, on every block, and I get to be close to my family. It’s all perfect.