Luke Evans Talks about the Future of THE CROW Reboot; Will It Ever Get off the Ground?

     January 22, 2015


To quote the crow’s cousin the raven: “nevermore.”  That about sums up the chances of The Crow reboot actually becoming a film at this point.  It has gone through three directors and more than seven lead actors at this point.  And since the (possible) role fell to The Hobbit‘s Luke Evans over a year ago, nothing more has happened with it.

When speaking with Den of Geek last month, Evans’ participation in the film seemed over:

“It’s not, no. No at the minute The Crow is not, not for me, I think it’s a little… I mean I’m sure it’s going to go ahead at some point, but I have other projects that are greenlit and ready to go and projects that I’m very interested in and you know, I can’t wait much longer! [laughs]“

brandon-lee-the-crow-reboot-lee-evansHowever, Evans recently sat down with HitFix, and appeared a little more open to the project, but further in the future — if it still has a future:

“Right now I’m not sure where it is, I don’t know what’s happening with it.  I think it’s a question probably to ask [distributor] Relativity…they’re the ones who are really holding the strings to this story and this character. But yeah, I don’t think it’s gonna be something I’m gonna be doing for awhile. I’ve got about four or five different projects which I’m lining up for this year, which will take up the majority of my 12 months. So not in the near future, unfortunately.”

More Luke Evans projects equals great news for other reasons, but as far as what he thinks a Crow reboot may even look like at this point, after a revolving door of backers and directors:

“It’ll be a different concept, a different director, a different script, and who knows where it will go? I mean, when I was in conversations with everybody it was about being as honorable to the book and loyal to the book as possible. And that meant it would be a very different film to the one that was made with Brandon Lee. Which was a good thing in a way. I mean, it wasn’t that we were trying to replicate something. It was, we were gonna go back to the book and be as completely truthful as possible. But who knows where it’ll go? And who knows whether I’ll be playing it or somebody else.”

And so it goes.


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