Director Luke Greenfield Sets Up Action-Comedy at Fox

     April 28, 2011


I remain bullish about the prospects of the May 6 romantic comedy Something Borrowed in the face of overwhelming cynicism, in part out of respect for director Luke Greenfield.  Greenfield’s credits suggest a knack for rising above a dubious premise — The Girl Next Door is the most noted example, and his hand in crafting the Aliens in America pilot and producing Role Models further suggest a trend of projects that are better in execution than on paper.  (Greenfield gets a pass on The Hot Chick, his first feature.)  Until it disappoints me, I expect the same from Something Borrowed.

In the meantime, Greenfield is setting up his next project, an untitled action-comedy, at 20th Century Fox.  According to Variety, Greenfield wrote the script with Nicholas Thomas as a vehicle for two high-profile male stars.  Whether or not the premise is will require the Greenfield Treatment remains to be seen, “action-” tends to be preferred over “romantic-” when hyphenating comedy around these parts.

Simon Kinberg (Jumper) will produce the project as part of his overall deal with Fox.  Production is tentatively scheduled for this fall, so expect an update soon on the high-profile stars Fox is pursuing.

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