BBC Confirms LUTHER Return With Season Three Teaser Video

     November 2, 2012


Luther is back!  Well, nearly.  The BBC has posted a new video to answer fan questions about the its dark crime series’ return (which we have been salivating for for quite some time now, since the second season wrapped in June of 2011).  Star Idris Elba had said he was confident that there would be a new season at some point, and it seems that finally the wait is over as far as confirmation goes: He’s baaaaack! Hit the jump for the details as well as the announcement trailer.

idris-elba-luther-season-3The amazingly catchy video clip plays out as a Q&A that basically lets us know that shooting will begin November 4th and the third season will be a total of four episodes (the first season was six and the second was four in that typically British “quality over quantity” thing).

As for everyone’s favorite psychopath Alice, played by Ruth Wilson, the BBC’s only remark is the cryptic “only Alice knows.”  I personally am taking that as a yes.

For returning fans, it’s hard to imagine where the series might go from here, after killing off some major characters in the first two seasons and going to some incredibly dark places (making Single White Females everywhere not leave the house for weeks — seriously have you ever noticed that they make up most of the victims?).  I’m hoping for some more interaction and story with Detective Sergeant Justin Riply (Warren Brown), one of the only characters who is always on Luther’s side.

For the curious, if you aren’t caught up on this amazing (but bitterly dark) British crime series, click over to Netflix Instant and start watching now. Keep an eye here on Collider for more news from the set as it is released.