Lyndsy Fonseca Interview NIKITA

     August 29, 2010

In The CW’s new drama Nikita, actress Lyndsy Fonseca stars as Alex, a young woman with a troubled past, who is now leading a double life. Division’s newest recruit, she is a beautiful girl with a violent history and a story that is very similar to Nikita.

During a recent interview to promote the new action series, Lyndsy Fonseca talked about being put through the auditioning ringer for the role, how being a dancer has helped her with the physical side of her role and that the series won’t stop having twists and surprises. Check out what she had to say after the jump:

Question: What was your reaction to reading the Nikita pilot script and how was the audition process for you?

Lyndsy: It was during a very, very busy time in my auditioning world. I was doing three a day. The material is so intense and there was so much work to be done, it was hard. They put me through the ringer, for sure, but it was something that I worked really hard it. This is a character that does not come around in every script. I knew it was a little gem, so I worked hard.

What did you think when you learned about the twist at the end of the pilot?

Lyndsy: The best thing about the show is that there’s so many layers. Even after the pilot, the next four have a twist. Don’t think that you’ve seen it all or that you know it now, and that it’s not going to have any more surprises. There’s a surprise in every episode, so it’s a lot to keep track of.

Have you been able to do any scenes yet with Maggie?

Lyndsy: Oh, yeah. We worked together a lot in the second episode. It shows you a little bit of our connection and how we know each other.

Nikita’s motives have a lot to do with her grudge against Division. Is that your character’s motivation as well? Does she have a personal interest in doing this, or is she just a lost soul that’s found somebody she can connect with?

Lyndsy: It’s a little bit of both. There are reasons Alex is doing what she’s doing. It’s not just for the sake of it. You’ll find out.

Do you enjoy doing this kind of physical work? Did you have to do a lot of training for this role?

Lyndsy: Yeah, Maggie and I did a lot of training. She’s obviously done so many physical things in films, and I grew up as a dancer, so it was so easy for me to go into that world, but there was a lot I needed to learn. We had a lot of fun training for it. We did a lot of conditioning. We learned how to use guns, take them apart and put them together. We went to the range. We did a lot of stunt training. It was so fun.

How long did you train for?

Lyndsy: Maggie and I worked for about three intensive weeks, before we went up to Toronto. Melinda Clarke joined us for a few sessions, as did Aaron Stanford. And, we’re going to continue and keep it up.

Was anything particularly challenging?

Lyndsy: Just getting in shape for it. As a dancer, I could learn the routines and remember the choreography, but being in good physical shape was important because you have to protect yourself on set. When you’re doing 30 takes, you’re going to hurt, so you just have to learn the tricks, take care of yourself and be strong, in order to not get hurt.

Are you more comfortable with it now?

Lyndsy: Now I’m like, “Let’s do it!” We have some bruises. I get in a big fight in the last episode we did, and it’s so fun.

Is it fun for you to explore the dynamic in this place your character is stuck in, and the rivalries there?

Lyndsy: Yeah, there are a lot of layers going on. There’s, “I don’t give a shit and want to die.” There’s, “I want revenge.” There’s, “Don’t fuck with me.” There’s so many things, and you play one at a time or all of them together. The sets look incredible. When you get there and see them, it just becomes that much easier to be in that world.

Were you surprised that The CW was willing to go so dark and gritty with this show?

Lyndsy: Yeah. It’s cool for them to be trying to find a new demographic and going outside of their comfort zone, and we’re really proud to be a part of that. We work really hard and the writers are so good. Hopefully, the audience will respond to it. I think they will.

Who are some of your favorite strong female characters?

Lyndsy: Well, I loved Jen Garner in Alias. I think there are similarities, but we’re definitely a very different show. I think it’s cool to have women who are strong, kicking some ass.

Is Alex going to be doing a lot of role-playing throughout the series?

Lyndsy: Yeah, she will be sent on missions, for sure.

Is it fun to play this kind of role?

Lyndsy: It’s so easy to promote this show. I wake up early to read the next script. I’m like, “Ooh, what happens?” I’m actually a total nerd about it. It’s just so good. The writing is so great.

Do you feel like this role takes you to another level with your career?

Lyndsy: Yeah. I definitely have not played a character like this before, which is really cool. This is definitely just different. It’s really fun.

NIKITA premieres on The CW on September 9.