M. Night Shyamalan in Talks to Re-Team with Bruce Willis for LABOR OF LOVE

     January 29, 2014


M. Night Shyamalan is resurrecting one of his very first scripts, and he’s enlisting an old collaborator to bring the project to life.  Deadline reports that Shyamalan is in talks to re-team with his The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable star Bruce Willis for Labor of Love, which is one of the first screenplays that Shyamalan sold early in his career.  20th Century Fox initially picked up Labor of Love way back when, but it languished in development hell because Fox was unwilling to let Shyamalan take the helm.  Denzel Washington eyed the starring role a few years ago, but now Willis is looking to take on the lead as the project has gained new life.  Hit the jump for more.

Per Deadline, Labor of Love revolves around a Philadelphia book store owner grieving the loss of his wife in a tragic accident.  Filled with guilt over never properly telling her how much he loved her, the man decides to posthumously fulfill a promise to walk across the country from Philadelphia to Pacifica, California—her favorite place.  Emmett/Furla/Oasis is financing the pic and the plan is to start filming in mid-September.

Though Shyamalan’s first few films are definitely solid, the filmmaker has pretty much lost all credibility with his recent string of flops.  It’s going to take a really, really good film to turn things around, and while I’m not exactly holding my breath, it’d be great if Labor of Love turns out well.  Following After Earth, Shyamalan has been busy shepherding an “event series” at Fox called Wayward Pines.


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