M. Night Shyamalan talks AVATAR – The Last Airbender

     September 7, 2007

In case you hadn’t heard, M. Night Shyamalan has his own “Avatar” project on the horizon. But unlike the James Cameron project which is based on his own original ideas, M Night’s “Avatar” is based on the uber popular animated kids show that currently airs on Nickelodeon.

While M. Night is known for writing and directing films based on his own ideas, this will be the first time that he’ll adapt something that he didn’t create. And after “Lady in the Water,” this is a good thing.

I know I’m very much in the minority when I say I’m a big M. Night fan. With the exception of his last film, a disaster in every sense of the word, I enjoy all his other movies and think he has a great eye for framing and composition and think that he’s far more talented than fandom gives him credit for. That’s also why I can’t wait to see what he does with “Avatar,” to see what he can do with material he didn’t create.

Since the new “Avartar: The Last Airbender” – The Complete Book 2 is coming out on DVD next week, the good folks at Nickelodeon Home Entertainment have provided me with some video interviews with M. Night that are also on the box set. The interviews were done by the “Avatar” creators Bryan Konletzko and Michael Dante DiMartino. When you watch it… you can see they aren’t used to being the ones asking questions…

And below the M. Night clips are two additional videos, the first one explains the Avatar universe and the second one is just a bit more. Currently Night is hard at work on “The Happening,” so I don’t know when “Avatar” will be getting done. But after you watch the videos, you’ll see how much the cartoon means to his kids so I’d imagineit’s his next thing.

Why he wanted to turn the TV show into a movie

M. Night – Favorite Character

M. Night – How he learned about Avatar

Intro to Avatar

Enemies of the State

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