M. Night Shyamalan Used UNBREAKABLE 2 Plot/Villain for THE NIGHT CHRONICLES

     September 2, 2010


M. Night Shyamalan has finally revealed the fate of his sequel to Unbreakable. While promoting Devil (the first entry in The Night Chronicles) Shyamalan tells how Unbreakable is one of the favourite films he has done, and whilst he really wanted to make the sequel, he was hindered by other projects. The good news is it’s coming — but not as you’d expect. Shyamalan has taken the script and butchered it, taking the villain from the story and using him in the Night Chronicles series. The word is that the third film in the NC series will be the one to feature the villain and now Shyamalan is hunting for fresh ideas for Unbreakable 2.  Hit the jump for video of Shyamalan’s comments.

Shyamalan told MTV:

“I cannibalized the idea for the sequel to Unbreakable for one of the Night Chronicles.  It was such a cool idea for a villain, and it was actually originally in the script for Unbreakable, and it was too much.  There were too many villains, so I pulled this villain out and was like, ‘I’ll make this the second flick. I fleshed it out more and more, and thought, ‘This could be a standalone movie. I’ll just say it: the third Night Chronicles movie is what would have been the sequel [to Unbreakable]. So now I need to come up with a new idea.”

Personally, I thought Unbreakable was a great story, and was really well done. Shyalaman has really performed poorly of late. Although Unbreakable performed poorly at the box office, as audiences were expecting a follow on from The Sixth Sense and didn’t get it, I still think that if Shyamalan can put himself back in his mind set of that time and not that of recent history we could be in for a treat: the Night Chronicles could in fact be something special.

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