‘Ma’ Interview: Meet Your New Favorite Rising Star, Diana Silvers

     May 29, 2019

Could you imagine kicking off your acting career with movies like Glass, Booksmart and Ma? If that’s not a breakout year for Diana Silvers, I don’t know what is! Silvers is one of many standout members of the Booksmart ensemble. She plays Hope, a sassy loner who makes a big impression on Kaitlyn Dever‘s character. I can’t recommend Booksmart enough, but now it’s also time to catch Silvers in a lead role in the Tate Taylor-directed, Ma.

In Ma, Silvers plays Maggie. Maggie winds up moving back to her mother’s (Juliette Lewis) hometown and joining a group of friends played by McKaley MillerCorey FogelmanisGianni Paolo and Dante Brown. While trying to buy some booze, Octavia Spencer‘s Sue Ann walks up to the store so they opt to ask her to buy the alcohol for them. Much to their surprise, not only does she take care of their shopping list but she also opens the door to her home so that they can have a safe place to party. Or so they think.


Image via Anna Kooris/Universal Pictures

With Ma hitting theaters nationwide on May 31st, Silvers took the time to swing by the Collider studio to talk about her journey from the NYU acting program to Ma and beyond. We talk about how Spencer inspired her, some of her favorite movies of all time, why she thought she botched her Ma audition, and so much more. You can give it all a watch in the video interview at the top of this article!

Diana Silvers:

  • Silvers on her explosive 2019 with GlassBooksmart and Ma.
  • Why she opted out of the acting program at NYU.
  • On working with tons of passionate filmmakers on Ma and Booksmart.
  • Silvers thought she bombed her Ma audition.
  • What it was like first finding out she was starring opposite Octavia Spencer in Ma.
  • What was it like seeing Spencer go “full Ma” for the first time?
  • Silvers talks about working with female filmmakers making waves, like Spencer and Booksmart director Olivia Wilde.
  • Silvers on her hopes to write, direct and produce.
  • Silvers plays a round of “Collider Random Questions!”

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