‘MacGruber 2’ Might Start in the Craziest Way Possible

     October 8, 2015


Hollywood likes its sequels, even if audiences didn’t like the original. So of course, there have been discussion of making a sequel to MacGruber, the 2010 film starring Will Forte, which was based upon his SNL skit about a special operations agent tasked to, supposedly, save people in dangerous situations though resourceful and clever ways, which itself was a parody of MacGyver, the late-‘80s, early-‘90s television show centering on a similar (and more successful) agent.


Image via Universal Pictures

While this seemed unlikely at the time of its release- as it made only $9.3 million at the worldwide box office- MacGruber himself seems to think it’s possible. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Forte said he would like to turn his attention to a sequel once season 2 of his Fox series Last Man on Earth is finished:

“It’s not a question of if but when. This show takes up every second of every day. Come Feburary, if I have a little bit of time, Jorma [Taccone, director of MacGruber], John [Solomon, co-writer with Forte and Taccone] and I will get together and we’ll start banging it out.”

Forte goes on to say that they have already completed two-thirds of an outline. And while he left the plot a mystery, he does have some interesting comments about a possible opening for the movie:

“There is a possibility of starting it in a way that you would never ever start an action movie.” “We have this idea for a cold open, which we just don’t know if we have the balls to do. And we’ve done some crazy stuff. This is just like, ‘Do we really want to do this? Is this how we want to start out the movie?’ It’s pretty gnarly. But we might just have to do it.”

I have yet to see the first one, but Forte is always a welcomed screen presence. MacGruber seems to have collected somewhat of a cult following. And his new show Last Man on Earth has received praise, doing well enough to get renewed for a second season. While I may not be clamoring for a sequel, I am interested to see what kind of opening scene they’ve thought up, one that gave comedian like Will Forte pause. Maybe he’ll actually deactivate the bomb.



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