Watch 3 Deleted Scenes from ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’; Furiosa Spinoff Being Discussed

     August 17, 2015


2015 is already over halfway complete, with the fall movie season getting ready to kick into high gear, but few (zero?) films have been able to top one of the highpoints of this year from back in May: Mad Max: Fury Road. Filmmaker George Miller crafted a masterful, refreshing new entry in his action franchise that puts every other 2015 blockbuster to shame, and the film is sure to land on plenty of Top 10 lists when the close of the year arrives.

But even though Fury Road is out of theaters, you’ll be able to rewatch the film over and over again as many times as you like when it hits Blu-ray on September 1st (click here to pre-order). Ahead of that home video release, however, it appears that three deleted scenes included on the disc have landed online prematurely. They’re not particularly revelatory, nor do they change the story all that much. To be honest, they primarily just make me want to buy the Blu-ray and watch the film again ASAP.

And while Hollywood is obsessed with capitalizing on success with extensive sequels, trilogies, universes, etc., a Mad Max follow-up is one thing that most seem to agree could be a swell idea—with Miller at the helm, that is. The filmmaker already has two other Mad Max films planned out, including a follow-up revolving around Charlize Theron’s Furiosa, and Deadline reports that Mad Max: Furiosa is indeed being discussed at Warner Bros. Theron hasn’t been shy about the fact that the filming experience of Mad Max wasn’t the most pleasant of things—it’s basically a 2-hour action set piece, after all—so if Miller and WB did decide to move forward on Furiosa, it’d be interesting to see how Theron feels about returning.

So a Mad Max follow-up is certainly a possibility, but I’m personally fine with or without one as long as Miller makes the final call. For now, check out the deleted scenes below (via The Playlist).


Image via Warner Bros.

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