MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron Cover the Latest Issue of EW; Film Follows a Single Chase for 110 Minutes

     June 25, 2014


For a film as massive as Mad Max: Fury Road, we sure know very, very little about it.  Director George Miller returned to his post-apocalyptic film series with this new entry that shot for seven months in Nambia following a number of delays due to weather issues (it was originally supposed to start production in November 2011).  After the film finally got in the can, a far-off release date of May 15, 2015 was set.  While that’s still quite a ways away, our first official look at the film has finally arrived by way of this week’s Entertainment Weekly cover.  The Mad Max: Fury Road image features stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron as Max Rockantasky and Imperator Furiosa, respectively; our protagonist and antagonist of the film.

In the context of the magazine issue, Miller also spoke a bit about the nature of the film, teasing it as one long chase sequence.  Hit the jump for more, and click here to check out the first collection of newly released images.

Speaking with EW, Miller provided a tantalizing setup for the film:

“I wanted to tell a linear story–a chase that starts as the movie begins and continues for 110 minutes.”

The filmmaker added that Fury Road involves few digital effects and “even less dialogue”, saying “In this crucible of very intense action, the characters are revealed.”  Apparently Miller came up with the idea for the film back in 2000, but it’s taken a decade to get it on screen.  Early reactions to a very early test screening were mixed, but the film was likely in a rough state at that time.  I, for one, and intrigued by the idea of seeing a single chase play out over the course of one film, and the prospect of watching Charlize Theron play a character named “Imperator Furiosa” alone is worth the price of admission.

Check out the Mad Max: Fury Road image on this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly below, and look for more images soon.


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