‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Infographic Breaks Down the Film’s Bonkers Vehicles

     September 1, 2015


To mark today’s release of Mad Max: Fury Road on Blu-ray, Warner Bros. has released an infographic highlighting the various vehicles.  The cars in the film are as a bonkers as the characters, and likewise have great names.  This infographic gives us a look at not only the main cars like the War Rig, but also provides details like revealing that Immortan Joe’s ride is called “The Gigahorse” and what went into making these various vehicles.  It’s a neat bit of trivia, and it will make you want to bestow a cool name on your mode of transportation (feel free to use this name generator for ideas).

Check out the Mad Max: Fury Road infographic below, and be sure to pick up the film today on Blu-ray.


Image via Warner Bros.

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