MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Before-and-After VFX Images Highlight the Movie’s Excellent Effects

     June 1, 2015


Mad Max: Fury Road is getting a lot of credit for relying more on practical effects. The movie still heavily employed CGI, but George Miller’s talent was letting most of it support the practical effects rather than giving his movie over to green screen. A large portion of the film’s visual effects were the result of skillful color correction, compositing, and filling out the scene rather than let the CGI be the focus of the scene. There are real stunts, real cars, and real explosions, and some new before-and-after images show how well they were blended with the visual effects.

Images via FXGuide [via The Playlist]

Mad Max: Fury Road – VFX Before & After

And while Mad Max: Fury Road won’t be the highest grossing film of the year, I believe it will have a longer lasting impact. It’s a movie that got people talking and embracing elements that broke free of a homogenous cinematic landscape. As others have pointed out, Fury Road is a movie that probably shouldn’t exist, and especially shouldn’t be as good as it is. And yet I believe that in the years to come, people will remember “I live, I die, I live again!”, the Doof Warrior, and more.

You can see this catching on with fan-made projects like these LEGO Fury Road cars from Will [via Cool Material]. Will has done plenty of cool movie-based LEGO projects, and his Fury Road cars are no exception. Check out the Mad Max: Fury Road LEGO below:


Image via Will


Image via Will


Image via Will


Image via Will


Image via Will


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