ThinkGeek “Selling” MAD MAX-Inspired Power Wheels, VOLTRON Cat Condo, and More

     April 1, 2015


ThinkGeek has plenty of great products, but some of their best don’t exist. Every year, the site creates about eight fake products, and this year they’ve come up with some of their best.

Among this year’s crop, the Mad Max Power Wheels is the clear winner. It makes me wonder why we don’t see more videos of geek dads modding out their kids’ tiny cars to make them wasteland-ready. It’s not nerdy to put a bunch of spikes on a child’s car. Slightly dangerous, perhaps, but I would say it’s well worth the risk.

Other clever products this year include the Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet, the Voltron cat condo, and Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Beer with Rocket Fuel. Check them all out here, and hope that ThinkGeek will turn one of their joke products into a reality like they did with the tauntaun sleeping bag.


Image via ThinkGeek



Image via ThinkGeek



Image via ThinkGeek



Image via ThinkGeek

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