MAD MEN: See What Final Season Stories Matthew Weiner Almost Covered

     May 29, 2015


At a Writers Guild Foundation Q&A, two of TVs greatest Matts came together to talk about Mad Men: The SimpsonsMatt Groening was the moderator, and Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner the featured guest. There were apparently a few revelations that fans may have heard before about Weiner’s conception of the final season (that he had the idea 4 years ago after difficult contract negotiations, and that most of the people in Don’s therapy session were staff writers for the show). But the most fascinating thing, as shared by EW writer Anthony Breznican, is a wish list of the plot points Weiner was hoping to cover in the final season:

Basically, it’s an entire list of things more interesting than Megan or Diana. And even though the show did do a great job of calling back to earlier plots (I feel like bringing up Peggy’s baby the way they did, with her confessing it to Stan, was better than what was pitched in the list), it wouldn’t have made sense to include all of these elements. I’m ok with us not revisiting Dr. Faye, even though I liked her at the time, and no one cares about Harry’s life now after his divorce (we got enough of a glimpse of it just through his interactions with others).

A few of these teases are rather tantalizing, though. Cooper’s family and the Lusitania? Sal?? (Better Call Sal!) What’s up with the Israeli Tourism Board? Don and Roger head to Hawaii “tiki style”? How random would an appearance from Ho-Ho have been? (Remember the jai alai storyline?)

So, fellow fans — which of these plots would you have liked to have seen make an appearance in the final episodes? And what did Weiner leave off of the list that you would have liked to see considered? (Bob Benson would be my choice).

Update: an “alternative” (hilarious) final list:


 Still … what about Bob??


Image via AMC