New MAD MEN Season 6 Trailer Teases More Internal Conflict for Don Draper

     March 25, 2013


Though the clips featured in the latest Mad Men promo from AMC all come from last season (because as we all know, creator Matthew Weiner keeps an iron grip around most of the promotional material), the message is still clear: moving forward, things are still not going to get easier for Don Draper (Jon Hamm).

The show has also released a telling poster that highlights Don’s internal struggle as he tries to move forward with his life but keeps getting pulled back into his old ways.  There have also been a few glamourous promo photos that tease the show’s movement into the 1970s.  For the latest TV trailer and a few thoughts on the upcoming season, hit the jump.

Last season, things left off with Don helping Megan fulfill her dream of acting while he walked out and to a bar where an attractive girls asks him, as all females do, “are you alone?”  The TV promo leaves off in the same place, and we’re left wondering if Don has changed, and how (will he cheat on Megan?  Is he doomed to repeat his past mistakes?)  From the fashions (and the age of Little Eugene) it looks like the new season will take place a few years after this final moment, which will be really interesting given all that happened last year (also, no more Fat Betty!)

Mad Men returns to AMC on Sunday, April 7th and 9pm with a two-hour episode written by Weiner, and will resume it’s regular time-slot the following week at 10pm with an episode directed by Jon Hamm.

Via AMC.