Watch: AMC’s MAD MEN Stars Discuss Their Characters’ Journeys, Final Season

     March 13, 2015


Don Draper doesn’t have long until all the ladies, cigarettes, and work-hours drinking are done for. To mark the occasion, AMC has released five small clips of the stars of Mad Men sitting down to discuss how their characters have changed over seven inspired seasons. The roundtable includes Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, Victor Kartheiser, Christina Hendricks, and John Slattery, who is currently starring in Bluebird and will be seen later this year in Peyton Reed’s hotly anticipated Marvel Studios film Ant-Man.


Image via AMC

In these clips, each actor talks about how they’ve perceived their respective character from beginning to end, with Moss and Hamm highlighting how they’ve envisioned Peggy Olsen and Don as people struggling to find their true identities. They all take time to especially praise the series’ writing, and how Matthew Weiner and the rest of the writers’ room found such intimate insights into these characters. They also take time to joke about how the end of the series may be the end of their careers. However, considering the upcoming work schedules of these actors, which include roles in Ben Wheatley’s thriller High-Rise (for Moss) and Greg Mottola’s spy comedy Keeping Up with the Jones’ (for Hamm, in which he’ll star opposite Zach Galifianakis) that’s not bloody likely.

The final seven episodes of Mad Men (ie. the second half of the show’s seventh and final season) will begin on Sunday, April 15th on AMC, with the show’s final episode airing in late May.

Check out the clips below, via AMC:


Poster via AMC