Steve Martin in Final Negotiations to Star in Disney’s MAGIC CAMP

     August 22, 2014


We haven’t seen Steve Martin on the big screen since The Big Year in 2011 and minus the animated film Home, he doesn’t even have anything on the way.  However, that could change soon, because it’s being reported that Martin is currently in final negotiations to star in Disney’s Magic Camp.

Martin co-wrote the most recent draft of the script with A.C.O.D. writer-director Stu Zicherman and it focuses on a “straight-laced” banker who attended Magic Camp as a kid.  Now, all grown up, he’s going back to become a counselor in hopes of winning the Golden Wand competition.  Hit the jump for more on the project.

steve-martin-magic-shopAccording to THR, Diary of a Wimpy Kid scribes Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah are the ones who penned the original script and now Martin and Zicherman are giving a new draft a go.  There are no producers attached and Disney doesn’t have a director on board yet either, but if they manage to lock Martin in to star, that’d really turn the project into an appealing gig for anyone.

In fact, perhaps this is the kind of movie about magic we really need right now.  The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is pretty ridiculous and even though Now You See Me is entertaining enough, the magic in it really starts to break down in the third act of the film.  Clearly an adult character will be at the center of this one, but having the story go down at a kids’ camp where they’re learning about magic could keep the tricks more grounded and interesting to watch.

On top of that, via /Film, Martin already has some real life magic experience.  A young Martin worked at a magic shop in Disneyland.  In fact, there’s actually a video of an older Martin talking about his experience working in that shop in a Disneyland 50th anniversary celebration video.  Skip to the 3:26 mark of the video below to check it out:

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