‘The Magic School Bus Rides Again’ Trailer Reveals Netflix’s Nostalgia-Fueled Reboot

     September 5, 2017


Back in 1994, Scholastic Productions, Nelvana, and PBS brought the wacky, pro-science show The Magic School Bus to children everywhere. Just as field trips were always the best part of elementary school, Ms. Frizzle’s magic-assisted bus rides were the best part of the show (which tricked kids into learning things through entertainment) taking her classroom full of both eager and reluctant students through the human body, outer space, and all sorts of places in between. Now, Netflix’s heir apparent to that classic 90s series has been unveiled in a new trailer.

Get back on board with The Magic School Bus Rides Again, which premieres exclusively on Netflix on September 29, 2017. As you can plainly see and hear in the trailer, there’s a new Frizzle (Kate McKinnon) in town. This time around, the younger sister of the famed Professor Frizzle (Lily Tomlin) has taken over the classroom, but she shares her sister’s zany ways and passion for science. Expect the field trips to be wilder than ever as viewers travel into the clouds, across the internet, across the continents, and even a plunge into the depths of the Sun itself in this first season. And that reimagined theme song? It’s sung by none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda! So get ready to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy with this all new series.

Check out the awesome new trailer and theme song for Netflix’s The Magic School Bus Rides Again below:

Bus, do your stuff! The kids are back at Walkerville School for another school year of astonishing, out-of-this-world field trips in this all-new reimagining of the iconic science-comedy-adventure series The Magic School Bus™.


Ms. Frizzle’s kid sister Fiona takes the wheel at Walkerville Elementary, leading the class on wild adventures packed with science-fueled fun.

Some folks are already Mad Online about this new version, but in addition to being satisfied with the modernized look of this reboot, I’m just thrilled to see more pro-S.T.E.A.M. content available to kids and adults alike.