‘Magic: The Gathering’ Anime Series in the Works at Netflix with the Russo Brothers

     June 3, 2019

magic-the-gathering-anime-series-netflixSo I guess I should have added Magic: The Gathering to my list of fantasy series that should be adapted for the next Game of Thrones but, honestly, I never considered something that ambitious would actually get off the ground. Surprise! Apparently Netflix has plenty of juice in their mana pool because they’re teaming up with Hasbro and publisher Wizards of the Coast to bring an anime adaptation of the popular card game to the streaming platform.

As THR reports, Joe and Anthony Russo of MCU fame are executive producing the series while Henry Gilroy (Star Wars: Rebels) and Jose Molina (The Tick, Agent Carter) act as lead writers and co-executive producers. The aim is to build a new fantasy franchise around the long-running game, though an official episode order and length have yet to be announced; Wizards of the Coast apparently has final say on those numbers, as dictated by the storytelling, but if past animated series are any indication (see Castlevania, Voltron, etc.), the buck really stops with Netflix.

Here’s how Netflix made the Magic: The Gathering announcement:

The teaser image of Gatewatch Planeswalker Chandra Nalaar is an interesting one, but whether it’s just the first of more main cast to come or our first shot at the main character remains to be seen. What we do know is that the anime will be a creation of an all new storyline that expands on the history, lore, and adventures of the magic-wielding Planeswalkers. This one’s already got my attention, and likely that of millions of fans around the world, so expect to see more on its development in the months ahead.

Overseeing production of Magic: The Gathering is Octopie, with Bardel Entertainment (Teen Titans Go). handling the series’ animation. The Russos’ AGBO president Todd Makurath, Eric Calderon, and Dave Newberg produce; AGBO president of production Mike Larocca and Isaac Krauss will also act as executive producers. Yoriaki Mochizuki will serve as supervising director and co-executive producer.