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     May 30, 2017


One of the things we’re aiming to do at Collider in 2017 is foster a better relationship with our readers. This site wouldn’t be what it is without you, and we want to cultivate one of the best movie and TV fan communities on the Internet. But with that comes the responsibility of not just sending our opinions one way. We want to hear from you, and engage with you more directly.

Enter: the mailbag! We’ll be answering your questions. Have an Oscar question? Adam Chitwood is on it. Curious about something animation related? Dave Trumbore’s your man. Want to talk TV? Allison Keene has you covered. Eager to dig into horror? Haleigh Foutch knows what’s up. Want to know why Matt Goldberg hates everything? He will reluctantly answer that question.

We’ll even answer your non-entertainment related questions! Want to know why hot dogs come in packages of ten but hot dogs buns come in packages of eight? Want to know Adam’s favorite color? Everything is on the table.

So sound off in the comments, and we’ll happily answer your questions in a new post next week.


Image via Warner Bros.


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