Malcolm McDowell Exclusive Video Interview at the 2010 Saturn Awards

     July 4, 2010

Malcolm McDowell-slice

Before getting started on my red carpet interview with Malcolm McDowell….a few words.  While the Saturn Awards took place over a week ago, this past week has been a whirlwind of activity as I’ve been flying around the United States for reasons that will become clear down the road.  This is the reason I’m not done posting all my red carpet interviews.  Saying that, I’m spending today editing, so expect a lot more interviews as the day progresses.  The good news about waiting is…it’s July 4th and news is very slow.

At any rate, when I saw Malcolm McDowell walking down the red carpet, I knew I’d want to speak with him.  After all, as someone who has been in over 150 different films and TV shows and worked with some of the biggest filmmakers, McDowell is filled with stories.  But the problem with any red carpet is you’re always rushed.  Also, I don’t know how cool he would have been spending 5 minutes talking about A Clockwork Orange.  Since he’s starring in a bunch of upcoming movies like Easy A, Barry Munday, Pound of Flesh, Suing the Devil, and a few others, we spent the majority of our time talking about his future projects.  Hit the jump to take a look:

Malcolm McDowell

  • Is this his first time at the Saturn Awards
  • What do people always want to talk to him about
  • 1:20 – I ask him about future projects like Easy A, Barry Munday, Pound of Flesh, Suing the Devil and a few other projects
  • 2:10 – What is his schedule like as he is in so many things
  • 2:40 – How does he prepare for each of his roles
  • 3:40 – Does he like doing multiple takes.  Says he is done by take 3
  • 4:45 – Talks about what he is getting ready to film.  It’s a new TV show on TNT

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