Matthew Vaughn Teases His Potential Take on ‘Superman’ as “Heroic” and “Feel-Good”

     September 18, 2017

Filmmaker Matthew Vaughn has already offered up a few superhero movie reinventions in the form of 2011’s outstanding X-Men: First Class and 2010’s hyper-violent Kick-Ass, and he may be putting his talents to the most famous hero of them all: Superman. Collider exclusively broke the news this past March that Vaughn is being eyed to direct Man of Steel 2 for Warner Bros. in the DCEU, and Vaughn himself confirmed those talks recently while on the press tour for his new sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

While Vaughn’s involvement in a Superman movie is far from a done deal, during the press day for The Golden Circle Collider’s own Steve Weintraub asked Vaughn if he were to direct a Superman movie, what would his vision entail?

“Weirdly if I did do Superman—and I made the mistake of telling someone yesterday I have spoken about it and then wallop (laughs)—I think my main take would be, it’s really boring but make a Superman film. I just don’t feel a proper Superman—I think Donner did it to perfection for that time. Just doing the modern—I wanna do a modern version of the Donner [version]. Go back to the source material… For me Superman is color, feel-good, heroic. He’s a beacon of light in darkness. And that’s what I think Superman should be.”


Image via Warner Bros.

Indeed, back in 2010 when Warner Bros. was looking to do a new Superman movie, Vaughn and comic writer Mark Millar actually pitched a colorful and “fun” take on Superman to Warner Bros., but the studio went with Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer’s pitch for Man of Steel instead. Now, with Wonder Woman’s colorful, flighty yet serious, and hopeful tone paving the way forward for the DCEU, it sounds like WB might be more amenable to Vaughn’s lighter take on the character.

Richard Donner’s original Superman was a touchstone for Bryan Singer’s 2006 reboot Superman Returns, but while that film was colorful and heroic, it was a bit too romantic for many fans’ taste. One imagines Vaughn could combine that color and hopefulness with some kinetic and probably a little insane action to result in a much more poppy and less moody Superman movie than the overly serious Man of Steel.

It’s also possible, now that Warner Bros. is exploring the possibility of non-DCEU DC Comics films, that Vaughn’s Superman movie won’t star Henry Cavill and won’t be a sequel to Man of Steel 2. A lot of variables are in the air right now, but regardless of whether the end product fits into the DCEU, Vaughn certainly seems to have a solid handle on the character.

Look for a lot more from Steve’s interview with Matthew Vaughn later this week.

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