‘Man of Steel’ Sequel Now in the Works at Warner Bros.

     August 8, 2016

Well this is surprising. While 2013’s Man of Steel served as Warner Bros.’ answer to Christopher Nolan wrapping up his Dark Knight Trilogy, the studio soon thereafter changed tracks and opted to build an interconnected cinematic universe instead of simply moving forward with a new Superman franchise. The first official step in this DCEU was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which served as the follow-up film to the Superman reboot Man of Steel, and this weekend saw the third installment (MoS retroactively becoming Patient Zero) in the DC Extended Universe hit theaters, Suicide Squad. With Justice League currently filming and a number of other superhero films in various stages of development, it seemed as though the Man of Steel himself would be relegated to a supporting character in various other DC films, but now it appears that we may be getting a Man of Steel sequel after all.

Per The Wrap, Warner Bros. has now put Man of Steel 2 in active development, marking the first new entry in the DCEU since the studio first announced that slate of films back in 2014. Further details are unknown, but The Wrap cites sources saying that Man of Steel 2 is a “top priority” for the studio, as is “getting the character right for audiences.”


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This is pretty huge news, as it very much seemed as though a Man of Steel sequel was a long ways off from happening, if at all. The Zack Snyder-directed redo was a solid hit, earning $668 million at the worldwide box office, but it didn’t garner the same enthusiasm as Nolan’s Batman films. Thus, the DCEU was born, as Snyder moved on to Batman v Superman, which—in the theatrical cut at least—doesn’t give Superman the character development that he really could’ve used from a proper sequel.

WB’s upcoming slate is crowded at the moment, and while a Ben Affleck-directed Batman movie doesn’t yet have a release date, The Wrap adds that Man of Steel 2 is likely to come after that solo Dark Knight film. Regardless, it’s exciting to hear that a new Superman movie may yet be on the way, and one imagines Henry Cavill will be happy to have an opportunity to properly expand upon the character without having to share screentime with Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.

Rumors swirled last year that Warner Bros. had broached the prospect of having Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller helm a Man of Steel sequel, and while Miller did confirm that he had discussions with WB about their superhero properties, he opted to go his own way instead. Now that Man of Steel 2 seems like it’s rearing up in earnest the question becomes, who should direct? Snyder? Someone else? Sound off in the comments below.

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