MAN OF STEEL Looks Different in Color

     April 23, 2015


Man of Steel is somewhat dour for a Superman movie (Pa Kent tells Clark that maybe he should have let a bunch of kids die), but it also challenges the notion of what a Superman movie should be. If you believe that a more “serious” approach to Superman was the right one, you probably enjoyed Man of Steel and the way director Zack Snyder drained the color palette.

Collider reader Bryan Sanders and his colleagues took issue with Snyder’s choice and played around with the film’s color to create a “color restoration” (they also touched up the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer while they were at it). While I agree with their argument that a Superman movie should be brighter, that color template doesn’t go in tandem with the darker story.  Snyder made choices, and I disagree with them, but those choices to make the movie more “realistic” created a drained color palette that lines up with the tone of the story.

Check out Man of Steel color corrected video below.


Image via Bryan Sanders


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