New Images from MAN OF STEEL; Zack Snyder Calls His Superman “More Relatable, More Human”

     March 15, 2013


With director Zack Snyder’s Superman film Man of Steel hitting theaters in just a couple of months, we’re finally starting to see and hear more about the highly anticipated Warner Bros. project.  Recently the superhero pic landed the cover of Total Film magazine, and now some goodies from TF’s Man of Steel issue have started to surface by way of a batch of new images from the pic and Sndyer and star Henry Cavill’s thoughts on creating a Superman for the modern era.  Snyder and Cavill drill home the point that this film tackles a grounded, realistic iteration of the character, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how their take plays out on the big screen this summer.

Hit the jump to check out new Man of Steel images as well as quotes from Snyder and Cavill.  Man of Steel opens in 3D on June 14th. [Update: We’ve been asked to take the images down.]

man-of-steel-henry-cavillSpeaking with Total Film, Snyder talked a bit about his approach to the character:

“We’ve tried to make a Superman movie where he does stuff and you go, ‘Yeah, if I was Superman, that’s what I’d do. Even though he’s an alien, he’s more relatable, more human.”

Cavill spoke to the challenge of making the classic character relevant for the 21st century:

“This is a Superman for a modern age. It’s not betraying anything that Superman is, but it is grounding everything in reality. It’s the story of this incredible being who can do incredible things, but whom we can associate with. Because he’s gone through troubling stuff and had to make tough choices…”

From everything we’ve seen and heard thus far, it looks like Snyder’s film asks the question, “What if Superman wasn’t sure he wanted to be Superman?”  I’m intrigued by the idea of taking a grounded, Batman Begins approach to the story, and I’m hoping that Snyder can deliver some thrilling spectacle as well.

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