CHRONICLE Screenwriter Max Landis Talks Superman, MAN OF STEEL, and Destroying Cities

     June 25, 2013


In some ways, Man of Steel was bound to be controversial for how much it changed the Superman mythos, and then raising the question of how far you could get away from the origin story without losing the core elements of the character (for my part, I felt it missed the mark, and the more I think and talk about the movie, the less I like it).  One of the points of contention has been the film’s climax where Metropolis is leveled in the big fight between Superman (Henry Cavill) and Zod (Michael Shannon).  The fight’s conclusion was even debated among the filmmakers and received an angry response from Superman: Birthright author Mark Waid.  Now Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis has come along to give his two cents in a must-watch video.  Landis previously did a superb job dissecting The Death of Superman comic and its negative ramifications for all superhero movies.  In his latest speech, he expertly breaks down what makes Superman special, his thoughts on the fight’s finish, and his dissatisfaction with action movies such as Man of Steel, Transformers 3, and The Avengers standing over death and destruction as if that’s victory.

Hit the jump to watch the video. [Warning: video contains spoilers about Man of Steel]

Via Quiet Earth.


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