RCR Hires Marc Maurino to Adapt Crime Novel THE WOLVES OF FAIRMOUNT PARK

     February 22, 2012


RCR has optioned the feature rights to Dennis Tafoya‘s crime novel The Wolves of Fairmount ParkVariety reports the studio hired Marc Maurino to adapt the screenplay.  The story centers on “the drive-by shooting of two suburban teens, one of whom is the son of a police officer, outside of a Philadelphia drug den.”  The search for the killers strains the community, as viewed from four different perspectives on both the personal and investigative side of the case.  Robin Schorr and Dan Seligmann of RCR will produce alongside Jarrod Murray.

Maurino is a new writer in the crime genre.  He sold the spec script Inside the Machine—about an undercover ATF agent who infiltrates a vicious drug cartel—to CBS Films last summer.  Hit the jump for the book synopsis after the jump.


In The Wolves of Fairmount Park, Dennis Tafoya’s lyrical, intense, sometimes tragic and sometimes hopeful second novel, the details of a drive-by shooting of two teenagers in a rough Philadelphia neighborhood are filled in from four perspectives: Brendan Donovan, a cop and the father of the boy shot and left comatose; George Parkman Sr., another father, this one of the boy who was killed; Danny Martinez, a cop whose job it is to investigate the killing; and Orlando Donovan, the junkie uncle of the cop’s kid, who happens to live nearby.

No one knows what the two boys were doing in front of a dope house on Roxborough Avenue in the middle of the night, what business they might have had with gangs like Green Lane or the Tres Nortes. Even though they had a thousand dollars with them, they were good boys. Everyone says, “They were good boys.” [Amazon]

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