Marion Cotillard Talks Jacques Audiard’s RUST AND BONE and James Gray’s NIGHTINGALE

     November 20, 2012


Jacques Audiard’s Rust and Bone alternates between so many different tones — from tragedy to romance to action to drama — without even the slightest trace of difficulty. It’s a film that’s impossible to quite get ahold of or predict just where it’s going next. And it’s a testament  to the cast (in particular Marion Cotillard and Matthias Schoenaerts) that they are so deftly able to weave in between the jumps and changes in story. Marion Cotillard stars as Stephanie, a killer whale trainer, who after a freak accident, loses both her legs. But what could become an ‘Oh-pity-me’ melodrama instead becomes a story of a woman’s self-discovery and liberation.

In the following interview with Marion Cotillard, she discusses the difficulties (or lack thereof) in playing a double amputee, discovering her character while shooting, and her role in James Gray’s upcoming Nightingale.  Hit the jump to watch.

Marion Cotillard Interview Time Index:

  • 00:00 – On the process of playing an amputee on set
  • 00:30 – On getting into the mindset of playing a double amputee
  • 01:15 – On discovering the role as she was filming
  • 02:45 – On whether she sees a difference between American and European films
  • 03:15 – On James Gray’s Nightingale and her role in the film


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