Marisa Tomei, Michael Godere, Sam Rockwell, Ivan Martin and Director Adam Rapp Talk LOITERING WITH INTENT and the POLTERGEIST Remake

     January 16, 2015


Michael Godere and Ivan Martin lead Loitering with Intent as Dominic and Raphael, two friends who have to churn out a feature film script fast.  In order to get the finished piece to a friend/producer (Natasha Lyonne) ASAP, they decide to head to Upstate New York for peace, quiet and time to write.  Trouble is, shortly after they arrive, Dominic’s sister Gigi (Marisa Tomei) comes home and then her semi-unstable ex-military boyfriend (Sam Rockwell) follows with his soon-to-be reality star brother (Brian Geraghty) in tow.

Loitering with Intent has been available on VOD for a few weeks now, but in honor of the film’s January 16th limited theatrical release, Tomei and Rockwell, stars and co-writers Godere and Martin, and director Adam Rapp all sat down to talk about making the movie happen.  They cover writing the script, getting the resources needed to go into production, the shooting process, sharing the finished film with viewers and more.  Hit the jump to hear about Loitering with Intent as well as the new Poltergeist movie in my full video interview.

Marisa Tomei, Michael Godere, Sam Rockwell, Ivan Martin & Adam Rapp:

  • 00:00 – Godere and Martin on deciding to write the script.
  • 00:45 – How much the script changed over the years.
  • 01:20 – Rapp’s interest in directing a Hobbit movie.  (Check out his Twitter feed.  It’s pretty funny!)
  • 01:58 – Moving from a finished script to actually getting the movie made.
  • 02:26 – Most of the cast and crew knew each other prior to making the film.
  • 03:15 – Rapp on how Loitering with Intent is different from his past work.
  • 04:05 – On shooting in the Catskills.
  • 04:38 – Choosing the house for the film; working with the homeowner.
  • 06:06 – On the rehearsal process.
  • 06:48 – Character details that didn’t make it into the final cut of the film.
  • 07:47 – Godere’s Brian Geraghty impression.
  • 08:57 – Drinking on set. (Responsibly.)
  • 10:08 – On the set feeling like a summer camp for adults.
  • 10:33 – Distributing a lesser-known independent film; helping the movie find its audience.
  • 12:33 – Rockwell on Poltergeist.


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