Limited Paper 9: Mark Englert’s THIS IS MY FARM…I’ll DIE HERE On Sale Friday; Inspired by THE WALKING DEAD

     July 5, 2012

In our first Limited Paper column back in May, Scott wrote about Mark Englert‘s awesome Walking Dead inspired prints, “This is My Farm… I’ll Die Here”.  At the time, a limited amount had been pre-sold, with many collectors and fans waiting for the day the rest could be purchased.

Tomorrow is that day.

Unlike most prints that have one or two editions, Englert is offering three versions of the prints with one of them using glow in the dark ink.  In addition, for a bit more money, he’s offering some of them with a sketch of your choice in the 1-inch margin and others will come with a zombie portrait sketch of yourself and/or your family as a zombie.  Hit the jump for more.

If you’re interested in buying a print, they go on sale Friday, July 6th sometime between 9-10am PDT HERE. As you can see on his website, he’s offering a few versions so make sure you know what you want before they get listed as they’re going to sell out quick.

For more info, you can also go to Englert’s website.  Here’s a better look at the prints:

  • “This is My Farm… I’ll Die Here” by Mark Englert

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