Mark Hamill on the Best Viewing Order for the ‘Star Wars’ Films

     March 29, 2018

I’ve reached the age where a lot of my friends have kids. When talking to them about movies, one of the things I keep getting asked about is my thoughts on the order they should show their kids the Star Wars movies. Some think they should watch them in the order the films were originally released. Others think starting with the prequels is the way to go. However, now that you have films like Rogue One and Solo: A Star Wars Story, the answer has gotten even more complicated.

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi now available on Blu-ray, last week I got to talk with Mark Hamill in Ireland. Since Hamill has been asked every possible question about the making of The Last Jedi, I went in trying to find something he hasn’t been asked about. Which led me to asking his thoughts on the order in which people should watch the Star Wars movies. I won’t spoil what he said here; for his answer you’ll have to watch the video above.

star-wars-the-last-jedi-blu-ray-coverYou’re probably wondering why this interview happened in Ireland. The reason is Hamill was the international guest of honor at Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Day parade and, if you didn’t know, part of the movie was filmed there. Since Ireland plays an important location, Disney teamed up with the country to bring over about 20 reporters from around the world to talk to Hamill and then visit some of the amazing locations where Rian Johnson filmed the movie. In the coming week you can expect a lot more from the trip which, as you can guess, was truly amazing and something I’ll never forget.

Finally, as a life-long Star Wars fan, you’d think it would be easy to recommend an order for watching the Star Wars films if you’ve never seen them. But it’s not. I can easily explain why you should watch the films in the order they were released because that’s the way the world experienced them. However, while I don’t care for the prequels, if you’ve ever seen kids watching them, they take in those films in such a different way than an adult watching them after the original trilogy does. They don’t realize who Darth Sidious really is and it’s an absolute delight to watch them put it all together.

After you’ve watched what Mark Hamill had to say about the order to watch the Star Wars films, let me know in the comments how you think you should show them to people that have never seen them. I’m very curious.

Look for more from my Ireland trip and my interview with Mark Hamill tomorrow.

Until then, if you’ve never read Max Nicholson’s comprehensive (canon) guide to marathoning Star Wars, what better time than now.

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