Lionsgate Picks Up Facebook Thriller XOXO by BLACK SWAN Scribe Mark Heyman

     October 26, 2011


A spec script for a contemporary thriller by Mark Heyman (Black Swan) that had been circulating for a few months has been acquired by Lionsgate. XOXO, pitched as a modern day Fatal Attraction, explores the dark side of virtual relationships as it follows an up-and-coming executive who blurs the line between his real-life fiancé and his on-line affair. XOXO will use streaming video and social media platforms on a cinematic scale to emphasize the concept (or misconception) of the truth behind our digital identities.

Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky will produce through Protozoa Pictures, as will Michael London through Groundswell Productions and Kelly Mullen, who brought the project to the studio. Although Aronofsky has directed from Heyman’s sceenplays before, no director is attached at the moment. Hit the jump for more on Heyman and Aronofsky’s upcoming projects.

mark-heyman-imageNews of Lionsgate’s acquisition of XOXO comes via Variety. Having worked together on The Fountain, The Wrestler and Black Swan, Aronofsky and Heyman are again teaming up on development of Machine Man, a sci-fi tale in the spirit of Robocop. Machine Man chronicles the life of a tech engineer who upgrades his body with titanium and then goes on the run from people who want to possess his inventions. Heyman has also recently written the treatment for Age of Rage for director Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer). The post-apocalyptic tale features a group of teenagers attempting to re-establish society after all the world’s adults have mysteriously died.



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