BLACK SWAN Writer Mark Heyman Shopping Facebook Stalker Pic XOXO; Darren Aronofsky to Produce

     June 24, 2011


Mark Heyman (Black Swan) had so much success with his last creepy/obsessive/possibly insane protagonist that the scribe is returning to familiar territory with his latest script. Heyman is currently circulating a “Facebook stalker” pic entitled XOXO around several Hollywood genres labels with Darren Aronofsky set to produce. Per 24 Frames, the script centers on a twentysomething male whose digital relationship with a female peer takes a turn from “Wow, this online dating thing is really cool” to “Wow, thanks to this online dating thing I now have a stalker.”

The report also claims that XOXO will not exist solely on Facebook but will make use of streaming video and other social media platforms as well so as to create a digital world that acts as an extension of the physical one (sound familiar?). In addition to XOXO, Heyman is also writing a teen-centric apocalyptic tale for director Marc Webb entitled Age of Rage. Moreover, he’s also developing a project called Machine Man which is described as being in the vein of Robocop as it centers on a man who undergoes a titanium body upgrade and becomes a target as a result.

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