Check Out Mark Lone and Odd City Creative’s Limited Edition Poster for THE SECRET OF NIMH

     August 7, 2013


Odd City Creative just brought my childhood rushing back with the reveal of their new and super limited print for the 80s animated classic, THE SECRET OF NIMH.  I loved this movie growing up and so did Mark Lone, the artist who just absolutely nailed the art.  Tomorrow you’ll have the opportunity to pick up a copy for yourself, hit the jump for details.

Mark Lone’s gorgeous print is 10 colors with 3 metallic inks and super limited to a run of 140!  It will drop on Thursday, August 8th at a random time via the Odd City web store. Follow them on Twitter @OddCityNews, like them on Facebook and sign up for their Newsletter to receive the sale announcement.  This print is sure to sell out super fast, so good luck.  Here is some of Mark’s thoughts on this print.

“Being a fan of 80’s animation, I must admit, I wore out my VHS tape of The Secret of NIMH, my favorite Don Bluth movie. I learned so much during the process of making this piece while studying as much as I could from the movie concept sketches and character designs (some even by Don himself). I realized after starting this print that I have always drawn owls (and I have drawn a few of owls) very dark and ominous, much like “the great owl”… it was at that point I recognized how much this movie had impacted my artistic style subconsciously, even when I was a kid. So thank you to everyone involved with the making of such a great movie.”


  • Artist: Mark Lone
  • Size: 36”x24”
  • Printed by: THE HALF AND HALF
  • Details: 10 colors and 3 metallic inks
  • Run size: 140
  • Pricing: $55

Mark-Lone-The-Secret-of-NIMH-poster (1)

About Mark Lone:

Mark Lone is an illustrator and comic artist living in Wisconsin. Through the use of many different mediums, he carefully crafts each art piece to engulf the viewer in an epic tale through beautiful imagery. For more information on his work, visit

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