Mark Millar Says KICK-ASS 2 Has Been Greenlit; We Remain Skeptical

     August 31, 2010


I don’t like Mark Millar.  I don’t think he’s a particularly good writer, but his comics have been made into good movies (Wanted and Kick-Ass).  He’s a constant self-hype machine that sends the geek world into a frenzy with information that should be taken with a warehouse of salt.  And it’s time again to find your local salt warehouse because Millar said on the UK’s Radio 5 [via AICN] that the DVD/Blu-ray sales of Kick-Ass have been good enough to get the sequel a green light.

If Millar has proven himself reliable (how many times has he said that Wanted 2 is moving forward?), then I would be ecstatic at this news.  But we’re basically just reporting this so you can measure your expectations.  Perhaps, Kick-Ass 2 really does have a green light because of solid home video sales.  But I’ll wait for a second source to say so before I fire up my jetpack in joy.


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