Fox to Adapt Mark Millar’s KINDERGARTEN HEROES as Live-Action Movie and Possible Franchise

     October 2, 2013


Mark Millar might be best known for bringing the ultra-violent superhero franchise Kick-Ass to the big screen in two feature films, but a new kid-friendly adaptation from the writer is also in the works.  20th Century Fox will produce a live-action feature based on Millar’s upcoming superhero comic, Kindergarten Heroes.  The studio has set Carter Blanchard to pen the script for the first film in what is hoped to be a family-friendly franchise.  The maturity rating is a bit different from what Millar is used to, having turned the R-rated properties of Kick-Ass and Wanted into film franchises, but the new project will continue his superheroic trend.  Hit the jump for more.

mark-millar-kindergarten-heroesPer Heat Vision, Millar’s Kindergarten Heroes has yet to be published, but a number of issues are in the works.  Here’s the status of Kindergarten Heroes in the words of Millar himself:

Curt [Tiegs, artist and co-owner of the property] and I finished it a year and a half ago or more, but we’re working on sequels and will release once we have at least a couple more books. We’d like to launch a bunch of these at the same time and have a little set kids can buy when they pick up the first one.”

So while Millar and Tiegs are prepping to launch more issues, Blanchard is at work adapting the first one.  Sounds like a concerted effort to make sure the source issues are out in the marketplace in case the first film is a hit so future film adaptations can follow suit.  Simon Kinberg, who will rewrite the Fantastic Four reboot on which Millar is a consultant, will produce Kindergarten Heroes.

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