Mark Millar’s WAR HEROES Sells To Sony

     September 29, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

As I prepared to write this story it occurred to me that I have been typing the name “Mark Millar” an AWFUL lot lately. In fact, the only writer that even comes close to Millar in the area of “sudden-Hollywood-hotness” is Nicholas Sparks. He’s that “The Notebook/Nights in Rodanthe” guy and his name has also popped up in the trades more than I really feel comfortable with. Neither one of these guys is an earth-shattering auteur, but at least Millar hasn’t taken Miley Cyrus for his muse… yet.

Ever since Universal hit with “Wanted” this summer, studios already hungry for comic book titles have found a particular appetite for the books of Millar. That’s how the man went from an “Ultimate Avengers” direct to DVD movie to a possible gig drafting seven (!!) hours of non-Singer “Superman” in less than a year.

The latest Millar title to sell is “War Heroes,” his collaboration with Tony Harris. The six-part series was first published by Image back in June and has been tempting studio-types for months with its comicy-goodness. Described by its creator as “Full Metal Jacket meets the X-Men,” “War Heroes” follows an experimental American military program that gives superpowers to ordinary soldiers. Set in a horrible future where John McCain is president and kids are born-again keen to kill Iraqis, “War Heroes” charts the rise of one heroically-minded super-soldier who takes it upon himself to kick the khaki-clad asses of any experimental soldiers gone awry.

According to an article in Variety, the rights for “War Heroes” went to Sony for Michael DeLuca (“Ghost Rider,” “21”) to produce. Sony subsidiary Columbia Pictures has feelers out now for a writer interested in adapting the comic… Millar is already too big to do the job himself.

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