Mark Ruffalo and Edward Norton Discuss Working with David Fincher in Exclusive Clip from EPIX’s HOLLYWOOD SESSIONS

     December 22, 2014


Filmmaker David Fincher has a reputation for doing many, many takes of scenes during production, and the advent of digital photography has given him the ability to push his actors even further in striving to get the best possible performances.  Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo recently took part in a roundtable discussion for the LA Times and EPIX’s “Hollywood Sessions” series, and in an exclusive clip from tonight’s Supporting Actor episode (in which Norton is up for Birdman and Ruffalo for Foxcatcher), the two discuss what it was like to work with Fincher and, amusingly, the difference between Norton’s experience on Fight Club and Ruffalo’s on Zodiac, which was Fincher’s first all-digital film.  Ruffalo’s response is pretty great.

Watch the clip after the jump and tune into “Hollywood Sessions: Supporting Actress” tonight on EPIX at 8pm ET/PT, which also features Josh Brolin, J.K. Simmons, and Christoph Waltz.