Mark Ruffalo Will Make a DELICIOUS Director

     August 5, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Mark Ruffalo has agreed to star in and direct an independent feature from Corner Store Entertainment titled “Sympathy for Delicious.” The project will mark the first time that the actor, best known for playing the cute love-interest in romantic comedies like “13 Going On 30” and “Just Like Heaven,” will take the director’s chair.

Written by Chris Thornton, “Delicious” is the story of a paralyzed DJ named Delicious who discovers he has the power to heal the sick – with his own injury a notable exception. Ruffalo will play a Jesuit priest who helps Delicious come to terms with his ability, while James Franco plays a rock musician out to exploit the DJ/healer. Production will begin this fall in Los Angeles.

I am not including a link to the Daily Variety article from which this article was taken. To find out why read this

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