Mark Valley and Jackie Earle Haley Interview HUMAN TARGET Season Two

     October 23, 2010

The DC comics-based, action-adventure series Human Target centers on Christopher Chance (Mark Valley), a unique private security expert who is hired when a threat can’t be eliminated through normal means of protection. Making amends for his former life as a mercenary and hired assassin, Chance’s only focus now is saving his clients’ lives, even if it means placing himself directly in the line of fire.

During a recent interview, co-stars Mark Valley and Jackie Earle Haley talked about returning to the series, adding a new female dynamic to the team, and how everything will be bigger and better in season two. Check out what they had to say after the jump:

When Season 2 kicks things off on November 17th, Chance rescues his kidnapped business partner, Winston (Chi McBride), and then retires from the protection business to avoid facing the world of danger he seems to bring to those closest to him. But, when billionaire philanthropist Ilsa Pucci (Indira Varma) tracks down the reclusive Chance, she convinces him that he is the only one who can protect her from the killers of her late husband. Unable to resist, Chance, Winston and their ethically-challenged freelance operative, Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley), agree to work together to save Ilsa’s life. While on assignment, the team encounters Ames (Janet Montgomery), a beautiful thief whose chameleon-like abilities allow her to blend into any situation and afford her the opportunity to steal anything from anyone, anywhere. Familiar with Ames from this days on the police force, Winston offers her a job in an effort to help her get her life on the right track.

Question: Mark, were you a fan of the comic, before you signed onto this show?

Mark: I wasn’t really a big comic book fan, in general, when I was a kid. I did start looking into the comics after I started the show.

On Boston Legal, you were inside the law office or the courtroom all the time, and with Human Target, you get to be all over the place. Do you enjoy that?

Mark: It’s exciting to be able to do something that’s outdoors, although I’m probably not as good at tying a tie as I used to be. When I was on Boston Legal, I could do it very quickly. Now, I’m a little bit out of practice.

Is it fun for you to have that recurring nemesis dynamic, with Lennie James returning this season?

Mark: Yeah, there’s some unfinished business with him, as there usually is, in every episode. It’s going to be fun to bring him back. There’s also some elements of the Chance and Baptiste relationship that we’re going to experiment with and explore. It’s going to be fun.

What will Indira Varma be bringing to the show?

Jackie: We’ve got a new boss. That’s always fun and exciting. I’m excited about the new characters. I really think they’re going to help define the existing characters as well as themselves.

Mark: She’s in a position of influence and authority over the team. She’s more or less the Charlie of Charlie’s Angels, or Charlie’s Devils, whatever you want to call it. So, we’re going to see how that plays out.

Who will your other new cast addition, Janet Montgomery, be playing this season?

Jackie: Janet Montgomery plays Ames. She’s going to be a team member. She’s a really cool, zingy character. She’s very despicable. I think her and Guerrero are going to bump heads, and I think her and Winston are going to bump heads, but I think Chance wants to help her.

What’s it going to be like to have that female component now?

Mark: We’re going to have a woman who’s essentially telling us what to do and guys really enjoy that. We’ll see how it goes. I’m sure it’s going to have an interesting affect. I just can’t wait to throw my hat in the ring and see how it goes.

Is there an overall theme for this season?

Mark: I don’t really know. It’s going to be more interesting and more fun, with more people and more stunts. I think it’s a show that’s already started on a very interesting, very adventurous and very fun path, and it’s just going to continue.

Jackie, is this a character you enjoy returning to?

Jackie: Yeah, I think Guerrero is a great character to play. He’s got a wonderful dynamic. He looks at the world in a different way because he’s a different member of the world. It will be interesting to see where these guys want to go with him. It’s pretty cool.

Mark, are you feeling more comfortable doing the stunts now? Does it come easier for you?

Mark: It’s a little easier. I know what pads to where and when. I know when to have the stunt person do it. A lot of it depends on the stunts. Our stunt coordinator was just nominated for an Emmy, and he always comes up with something original and challenging. We’ll have to see. I take it on an even by event basis.

What did you do on your hiatus?

Mark: I traveled a bit. I had a good time and enjoyed myself. I got a lot of relaxation in. I feel ready to go. I went to the gym.

Jackie: I chilled at home, in San Antonio. That was really nice, to get centered. At the same time, it seemed like almost every week I traveled somewhere for three or four days. I did a lot of promotion.

Did you go to Europe for that?

Jackie: We did. I went to Spain because A Nightmare on Elm Street opened there. I was there on the day they won the World Cup. It was unbelievable. I was in Madrid and, not only did they freak out, the whole country was freaking out. They were up all night blowing horns and I couldn’t sleep at all, but it was so exciting that it didn’t matter. They really needed that, and it was really fun to watch and see, and be a part of.

HUMAN TARGET returns for Season 2 on Fox on November 17th.  Here are a bunch of photos:

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