Director Mark Walsh Talks About His New TOY STORY Short PARTYSAURUS REX

     September 14, 2012


Pixar’s Finding Nemo 3D opens in theaters this weekend, and unlike some post-converted movies that are released as a cash grab, Finding Nemo 3D is absolutely worth seeing again, especially in 3D.  When the movie was first released almost ten years ago, the gorgeous ocean-set pic looked beautiful and the animation was stunning.  However, when Pixar converted the film, they also re-rendered it (without changing anything), and it’s now even more vivid with higher resolution.  Finding Nemo has never looked this good, and the 3D actually helps tell the story.  Another reason to see Finding Nemo 3D is Pixar’s latest Toy Story short, Partysaurus Rex, which is playing before the movie.  In the short, Rex (Wallace Shawn) gets to shed his nerdy persona as he becomes a party star after saving bath time for some tub toys.   Here’s a clip.

Pixar recently held a press day for the film at The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.  While there, I was able to speak with director Mark Walsh.  We talked about how he got the job directing the short, how the film changed during production, Easter Eggs, the music (which was done by BT), and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Finally, here are my interviews with Stereoscopic Supervisor Bob Whitehill and the Director of 3D Production Josh Hollander, and co-director Lee Unkrich

Mark Walsh:

  • How did he get the job directing the latest Toy Story short
  • How long did it take to make the film and what was the collaboration like with the Pixar team
  • How did the short change along the way.  Was anything deleted.
  • Are there any Easter Eggs
  • How did they land BT to do the music



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